Hawaii Farm Estate  For Sale
Macadamia Meadows Farm
                                                       Macadamia Meadows Farm
New Price!!!!!!! $797,000-fee simple  
Have you been seeking a peaceful refuge to make that lifestyle change happen? A haven to bring your family and friends to,
       away from all the turmoil, and close to a simpler, more natural, calming way of life. A place where warm breezes caress
      and the daily sight of  lush tropical greenery feeds the soul.
    Looking for agriculturally zoned land - your dream farm in a tropical paradise - a place where you can feel the earth beneath your feet,
      taste the fruits of the land
, and farm the animals of your choice? We've been farming our Macadamia Nut Orchard [pesticide free] for 14
    years now. Have dreams of what you would like to add to the farm ? Here's your chance!

    Welcome to Macadamia Meadows.

       Scroll down for lots of pics!!!
      With all the turmoil the world has been experiencing, what could be a better way to invest your money than into something you can touch,
      feel and enjoy. Something real, that you have control over.Something that will allow you to live that life that you've been dreaming of;
      longing for. Isn't it time to make your dreams come true? Yes You Can!!!!
    We've been sharing our farm as a legally permitted Bed and Breakfast for almost 17 years BUT we've done nothing to the structure of our farm home
    to exclude it from being used as a private residence. The unique thing about this property is - you've been dreaming of finding just the right place to allow
    you to bring your personal dreams to fruition-here it is!!!
   Owner financing? Possible: with $599,000 down , for the right buyer [buyers],we would consider financing the remainder [we must be primary on the loans].
                                                                         ORCHARD SHOTS
Part of the uniqueness of our property [all 8.19 acres of it- and we have an access road on the property which goes to our neighbor behind us] is our wonderful orchard. Our Macadamia Trees are mature and the most nuts we've harvested off the property in one year is 33,000 lbs. gross weight.
Here's some pics!
                  Nuts      guests with nut cracker     pink Macadamia
                                                                               guests with nuts they picked from the orchard

  Scroll down for lots of pics!!!

  Aloha! We know how hard it is to get a "feel" for property from far away- so we decided to put up this page with lots of pics- and hopefully answers to some          questions you would like to ask.  Of course, if you have a question not answered, feel free to contact us  toll free US & Canada 888-929-8118
  or 808-929-8097 [I've found that the telephone allows you to get direct answers more quickly- and it gives us a better feel for what you are looking for
   - and if our property will meet your needs/ desires]. Our main website for the B&B is: http://www.macadamiameadows.com
  Email:  macadamiameadows@yahoo.com

                                                         WANT A PIECE OF PARADISE BUT $797,000 IS A LITTLE TOO STEEP?
  We've been thinking about all the folks who put money in to time shares etc.Often there are ongoing fees etc. even after you make the purchase. How about this?
Here in Hawaii there is "fractional" ownership.  Up to 6 people can own a property. You may buy and sell your portion independent of the other owners. 
  If 6 folks  each put up $132,834 you'd not only have a piece of paradise [all year /not for just a couple of weeks in a time share] but with an
  onsight operator/manager    you could bring in enough to pay expenses and have a little bit left over- and still have your place in the sun. Or, if you want
  more ownership how about 2 or 3 of  you going in together to buy your place in the sun? Interested- contact us.
                                                                                                                                                   Let's start with some pics.

The pictures below show the road in front of our home- we're nestled into Waiohinu Valley at the very southern end of the Big Island of Hawaii. In fact we're located just one road over from South Point [in Hawaiian Ka Lae] Southern most point in the USA. Mark Twain visited Waiohinu in June of 1866 and planted a Monkeypod tree not far from our farm [OK it's the tree that sprung up from the roots of the original that Twain planted, but you get the picture].

  road looking south     road in front of house looking North     property across the street
    road in front of our farm looking South                            road in front of our farm looking North                    property directly across the street from our farm

driveway into farm         driveway 2        Entrance to our home
  Here's our driveway- tennis court at top of pic      another view- see the edge of Maua Loa at top                  here's the entrance to our home

Our tennis court is located at the front of the property. It is a regulation size court and also has two basket ball hoops on the court. One of the aspects about the location of the court that I enjoy the most is that you have a sweeping view of the coastline below. It's fun to sit up there  and just
watch the surf come crashing in on the shore below- and if you're loosing at tennis you can always claim that you were distracted by the view.

 entrance tennis court                tennis court ocen view below                tennis court mountain
            view       tennis court coming into farm                                           look close- see the ocean below                        the ridge in the background is Mauna Loa
                                                                                                   it's a better view in person                                                

                                                        SWIMMING POOL
Our pool is 16ft X 36ft and 8 ft. deep at the deepest point. It is obviously an inground swimming pool, and it has a brand new vinyl liner. Yes, I know it's Hawaii and there is a great Black Sand Beach just 10 minutes or so from our farm, but it's fun to swim some laps in your back yard from time to

                                                                                           THE VIEW FROM THE INSIDE
Our home is filled with skylights . The main section of our home has 9 skylights, and the attached wing has 4 skylights. What a wonderful way to enjoy the warmth and light . You can see one of the skylights in the kitchen area pictured below. Note the glass sliders also in the picture to the left. The home was designed to take advantage of  the light of the tropics, and still highlight  the warmth of the cedar walls in the main section of the home.

     kITCHEN                  kITCHEN 2                 granite counter top
 to give you some perspectous this area is 40 ft in length                                                                                       enjoy the brand new granite counter tops

                                                                                                  MORE UPSTAIRS MAIN FLOOR
Here's more pics of the main floor upper level. On the left note the loft [upper part of pic]. This is a huge loft and from there you can look out of windows that give you a wonderful ocean view of the coastline below. Note also all the windows!

looking up at
              loft      dining area    sunken living room
  to the right you can see the Japanese sliders                                                                                                       sunken living room- large area- there's a
You may slide these back as pictured and bring                                                                                                    whole section you can't see in this photo
             in the great outdoors 

                                                                          Japanese Slider
  This photo was taken from inside the house looking out through our Japanese sliding doors. I remember the very first time I looked at our home to purchase it. I walked up the magnificent staircase at the back of the house and when I reached the top it was almost like the outdoors and inside space of the home were united together. What a great way to enjoy the fresh air and wonderful breezes of your tropical country estate.

                                                                                    COVERED LANAI
                                     What's a lanai you ask? Well you might refer to it as a deck. Our home has about 3000 sq. ft. of covered lanai.
The lanai goes around the entire upper floor. Talk about taking advantage of the great outdoors! It's a great spot to just sit and relax and we love to eat our here. You can look out into the orchard and with many trees you are looking out right into their canopies.      

                                           lanai- deck            lanai2
                                             this is the walkway over to the attached wing                     one of our favorite places to each lunch
                                            we replaced the roof on the area you see here                    it's fun to listen to the birds sing at dusk
                                            leading to the door in the distance. The roof                       just before they roost in the trees for the night
                                            has a walk pad over the entire surface and a
                                            rating for standing water

                                                                                         Master Bedroom Main house area
                                                  The next five pictures below are all views of the Master Bedroom area in the Main House
                                                     Our home is very unique and one of a kind- note the claw footed tub on the lanai

main house bedroom           main house bedroom 2             tub  
                                                                                               antique claw footed tub on the lanai [deck]               small Japanese doors open to view
                                                                                                                                                                                                       of orchard

                                                   main house bedroom view      main house bedroom bath         
                                                              view from lania outside master bedroom            sink area in Master bedroom- shower is through door
                                                       look close- the blue over the trees in the middle
                                                                           of the pic is the ocean

NOTE: Not pictured is another large bedroom and full bath- also there is a 1/2 bath located on the lanai - great for when you get out of the pool

                                                                                                        ATTACHED WING
Pictures below are of the upper floor of the attached wing.  This area is about 1200 sq. ft. It makes for a great private living space for family members  and it gives privacy yet they are close by. This area would also make  an ideal private living space for property/B&B managers. Not pictured below is a spacious private lanai area looking out to the orchard.
      Wish we had taken a pic? Ah come on, you have to have some reason to come to Hawaii and view our farm yourself!!!

ATTACHED WING     attached wing2   wing
The three pictures above are all of the same room. This room has two skylights in it- and note your peaceful views of the lush vegetation right
                                                                                                   out your windows

                                                   SUNKEN BEDROOM IN ATTACHED WING UPPER FLOOR
All five pictures below are of the sunken bedroom in the upper floor of the attached wing. It's a spacious room- and I just wanted to give a feel for the                                                                                      wonderful orchard views from this room.

wing bedroom     wing bedroom 2   wing bedroom3

                                                            wing bedroom 4                 wing bedroom5

                                                            Bath and Walk in Closet Attached Wing Upper Floor
                                        bath in attached wing          walk in closet attached wing
                                         not the most revealing shot- shower                 very spacious walk in closet- has a sky light

                                                                            Bed and Breakfast Rooms
The rooms pictured below are presently being used as guest rooms for the Bed and Breakfast. It should be noted that we have done nothing to the rooms or their configuration that would preclude the rooms being used as a private residence if the new owners of the farm so desired. Translation: if you desire to use this property as a private residence we haven't done anything to the structure of the home that would prevent that .

The Rooms we share for our Bed and Breakfast are located in the bottom of our home. Each Room has a private entrance, and this affords the guests the opportunity to come and go as they like. You may learn more about the Bed and Breakfast aspect of our property by going to:
Here's some pics of the rooms we share right now in our Bed and Breakfast.


                                      Punalu`u Black Sand Beach Room  Punalu`u 
                                                                                        Punalu`u Black Sand Beach Room

                                            Papakaleo Green Sand Beach Room    Papakaleo Dresser
                                                                                          Papakaleo Green Sand Beach Room
             note the door behind the dresser- this is a double door with soundproofing insulation and of course locks on each side for guest safety
however--------- If you would like to connect these two rooms for personal use-no problem- just unlock the doors and remove the rigid insulation

  Macadamia Bed Macadamia Bath Macadamia looking out
                                                                                                Macadamia Room 
Once again there is a double locked door between this the Macadamia Room and the adjoining Hawaiian Room. If you would like to convert that for a private residence and re-connect the rooms- it's as simple as unlocking and opening the doors and removing the soundproofing insulation less than
                                                                                                   two minutes and it's done 

     Volcano Room bed     Volcano Room outside        Volcano Room pune`e                                                                                                               Volcano Room
Here you get a bit of a feel for the covered lanai [deck] area on the ground floor. All along the ground floor of the main building is a sitting area.

                                     Hawaiian Room    Hawaiian
                      Room 2
                                                                                                                 Hawaiian Room
The Hawaiian and Volcano Rooms are actually part of a single suite with  a bath located in the middle of the suite..  Once again, if you want, there is no reason that this area could not be used as office space, a game room, theater room etc. Or just a great place for the inlaws when they come to visit your new estate in                                                                                                                       paradise.

What's the Hawaii Real Estate Market like?    Hawaii is a unique, one of a kind market, but you already
   know that. It isn't often that you can purchase such wonderful pieces of property at such a reasonable price.
     Regulatory changes of the J-REIT (Japanese real estate investment trust) will allow capital to purchase property in Hawaii and could provide an
     infusion of buyers for the islands.

1) This looks like a fantastic property!! What's wrong- why are you selling it?
 Good question. When I look at property, in my mind, that is always the BIG question: "if this place is so great why are you selling? " Simple answer- we're looking to downsize and retire.
2) What do you mean by that statement that "A qualified buyer will not be solely dependant on Bed and Breakfast income to qualify for a mortgage ?"
Simply this: If you need to float a large loan for this property and would be using the income
solely from the Bed and Breakast to help you to qualify for the loan it will never happen. Does that mean we don't have a viable business to offer? Of course not. But this is a large country estate and other properties  in the area with no B&B, no farm, are actually at higher asking prices than we are.  In other words we think we've priced our property well for what you get with out the business aspect.

3)Are you offering any owner financing? Our answer is a qualified -maybe. We would consider owner financing for the balance with a minimum $599,000 down payment [no commission to an agent].

4) Would you please Email me a profit and loss statement?  Simple answer- No.  This is the Internet and we have no idea if you're a qualified buyer or our competition requesting this info. We will provide you with this info with a qualification letter from you [meaning proof you are a qualified buyer] and also that you would sign a confidentiality agreement.
Having said that, we would be glad to give you an over view of earning potential initially to folks who have a sincere interest [give us a ring- I will not do this by Email].

5) What about the farm- can I expand on that?  Good question and yes you can- with out a large outlay. We have been farming pesticide free for years and one logical thing to do is get your organic certification. There's more that we would be happy to share with a qualified buyer.

6) How long have you had the B&B and  how would I benefit from buying an exisiting B&B?  We've been in business since 1997, are "legal" with a Special Use Permit  and with the sale of our  farm estate will transfer our website and domain name [which does well in searches etc.] We've done all the hard stuff for you.
Here on the Big Island of Hawaii a legally permitted B&B is limited to 5 rooms [for B&B use and we are permitted for 5 rooms] and the operator of the B&B must live on the property [can be a manager].
To check out  the local zoning laws on Bed and Breakfasts go here:  http://www.hawaii-county.com/planning/rules/zoning code.book.pdf
Look for:  Article 4
                General Development Regulations
                Section 25-4-7 Bed and Breakfast establishments 25-32
You also benefit from our history and the fact we're in just about all the leading guide books such as: Frommers, Moon, Lonely Plant, Let's Go, Ulysses ( French guide book) and more. There are many associations etc. that we belong to- and would be glad to help you learn the craft if you so desire.
We're proud also to have been featured in Cooking Light magazine, Bon Appetite,the New York Times and had a 4 page spread in Inn Travellor.We will be listed in a brand new "Green Hawaii" guide book coming out this June.  

7) Have you done any recent improvements or upgrades?  The main section of our home has a  new roof [not the wing]. Our kitchen has beautiful solid granite [not granite tile] counter tops. The sweeping stairs on the main house section have all been replaced with plastic wood.We rebuilt the whole staircase- support and all. We added a staircase as well to the attached wing- so there are two ways to access it now. And then of course there's the usual painting and some new carpet etc.                                                                                                                  






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